Well here we are half way through January already, post all those festive events, homes full of people and clutter from all the presents and decorations and furniture in different places to accommodate the tree etc.  Now everything is either put away or has found a new home we feel a little more organised and tidy.  Does anyone actually ‘spring clean’ anymore.  In days gone by it was a major job, curtains would be washed, cupboards cleaned out and the whole house given a good do.

I feel we are all a little more time pressured these days to make it a formal event and either keep on top of things as we go along or just turn a blind eye!!  I try to keep tidy as I go along not necessarily doing a deep clean all the time, living in an old house with log fires and on a farm there always seems to be the extra challenge of dust and the Boys coming in with straw clung to their jackets as they adorn the brass rail above the Rayburn in the kitchen to allow them to warm through on a cold winters morning, don’t worry I will sweep it up!!  Also the sun at the moment although extremely welcome is rather low in the sky and highlights all the nooks and crannies where the dust settles and smudges on the windows, there is always something needing our attention.  In my quest to be more environmentally friendly I purchased a gallon of white vinegar and a gallon of surgical spirit to make my own cleaning products.  On a scale of one to ten how affective is this experiment, all I can say is answer pending, but I will persevere.

Something else I have re introduced since Christmas is the compost bin.  I have tried for years to make compost out of all the vegetable waste to little effect, yes it rotted down into a sort of clarty mess but did not produce the goods I expected to top dress the garden, I even bought special mulching worms who I think basically laughed at me.  I therefore gave up and rather reluctantly put the said vegetable matter in the dustbin.  However, here we are giving the whole thing a second chance.  Mr Lishman was despatched to the loft to bring out the compost bin and I put in some dry leaves from our beech tree, a little good soil containing earth worms, no fancy treatment this time and see what happens as a steady flow of vegetable matter is put in.

Talking of vegetable matter, our thoughts at this time of year always turn to a more healthy lifestyle or another spring clean of ourselves.  Some people decide to do a ‘dry’ January after Christmas, well my Christmas never really got wet, perhaps only slightly damp if you call a glass of Prosecco on Christmas Day which was poured about 12 noon and I had the last sip just before bed, it is amazing how its little bubbles stayed constant throughout.  I am sorry me and alcohol are not the greatest of companions, plus it was a rather busy day with guests, babies, toddlers and Mr Lishman’s beloved Robots sent him two alarm calls during Christmas Dinner, nothing major but needed his attention, typical!!  I digress, back to the vegetables.  the news this week has highlighted the need for plenty of fibre in our diet, well I do try and have been making lots of daily blasts in the Nutribullet, Mr Lishman said the Spinach, Celery, Apple, orange and Lemon juice one was a slight improvement on the previous one which was basically the same except Avocado instead of Celery, some people are so picky.

What ever you are doing to keep healthy this New Year I hope you enjoy it and remember don’t be too hard on yourselves, I am a great believer in a little of everything is good for you, just a balance of good food, good sleep, fresh air and excercise and the odd treat, now where did I put those chocolates, umm!!

My very best wishes for 2019

Gillian x