I am going to say what everyone else is saying and that is where has the the year gone.  One minute we are basking in temperatures that our wonderful Isle can only usually dream of and now we are in November post bonfire night and on the road to Christmas.   I have just been for a quick hike down to the river achieving 5016 steps or 2.9km.  It was so peaceful, just me and my Nordic walking poles speeding along.  On my walk this morning I saw a stoat and a heron, earlier this week I was lucky enough to see a Kingfisher.   Now sat in the office with a nice cup of tea I can tell you what has been happening at Castley Farm/ Treatments since my last post.

It is always good to have a date or some event to work towards to achieve the things that need doing but keep getting put off.  We were having a bit of a make over in the lounge and needed to decorate before our annual holiday as our two sofas were being upholstered after approximately 25 years of loyal service. In this world of recycling and upcycling it seemed a terrible waste just to dump them as their construction was really solid and far better than anything else we saw.  We hoped to create a much more minimalist look.  My husband watches far too many of those property programmes and has started after thirty six years of marriage voicing an opinion on domestic matters, charming!  We have, therefore chosen a lighter  fabric for the sofas which looks lovely but caused much rushing out to purchase throws to cover them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The next issue is cushions, I like cushions, my dearest husband does not, do I interfere in the things he chooses for the farm, no, so end of subject, excited for the arrival of my new cushions!!

The last of the cattle have been brought back to the farm today bunkering down ready for the winter ahead.  It is funny they have been so content to graze in the fields since the spring but then they are ready to come inside as the days and nights become chilly.  We are having a wonderful  autumn and the colours of the leaves have been truly lovely.

We too must prepare for the months ahead and concentrate a little harder on maintaining our health and well being as the seasonal pests of colds and virus’s start to strike.  Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to build up your immune system, but make sure you eat warm food with added garlic and ginger to fortify yourself.  One of the best ways to ensure goodness in your diet is a warming bowl of soup, homemade wherever possible.  It is easier than you think.  Some people are daunted by the prospect of making soup and it is a wonderful way of getting all those vegetables into the diet.  Sometimes I will make a huge panful to freeze but I also have a soup maker, an inexpensive gadget which makes about four to six bowls. The beauty of this is I can quickly pop the ingredients into it and put it on as I go into treat my last client before lunch and it is ready when I come out, marvellous.

Today it is going to be Leek and Potato.  There are plenty of recipes but quite simply into the soup maker I put a couple of Leeks cut into half inch rounds, about three large potatoes, some chopped onion, salt, pepper, a stock cube, either chicken or vegetable and some water, turn on and wait for the magic to happen.  If I was making soup in a pan I would soften the onion in a little olive oil, add the rest of the ingredients and simmer until the vegetables are tender and then blitz with a blender, easy to prepare, inexpensive and nutritious.  As a little treat you could add a swirl of cream and some croutons.  These are also simple to make with left over bread.  Cut the bread into cubes, put onto a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil add a sprinkle of dried herbs and bake in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes until they are crisp.  They will keep for ages in an airtight container.

The other thing of course to help maintain health and wellbeing is Reflexology to boost your immune system, and general sense of wellbeing,  wonderful.

Well that is all for now

Take care,

Gillian x