I have just finished treating one of my clients feet for a medical pedicure.  I love the conversations we have catching up on news etc, there is always something to learn, ideas to exchange, as they say every day is a school day.  Now time for a quick cup of tea and a chat with you all before my next appointment.

Once again it is a while since I posted but I hope all that will change now I am fully initiated into the world of Instagram, thanks to my PR advisor, daughter Helen of HelenLishmanPhotography.co.uk,  so more and more of you lucky people can read my blog rather than the ones who would perchance upon it whilst perusing my web site .

I will do a quick catch up on family news first.  Last April Robert and Helen were blessed with the safe arrival of Frank George Robert, a bouncing bundle of loveliness who is now four months old and totally adored by his sister Florence who has just turned two.  Jack has just completed his first year at school and settled in very well, it is so amazing what little sponges children are and how quickly they learn to read and write etc.  Charlie is quite a character and enjoying pre school, lets just say he made an entrance!!  As Granadparents we are truly blessed.

Life here at Castley Farm is busy.  The Robots are really proving to be excellent and everything the Boys hoped they would be.  The main reason for installing them was to create a better quality of life for us all keeping it a true family business without the need to rely on outside help , yes there is still a lot of work to do but time off can be more easily arranged, for example Richard can take Jack to his swimming lesson on a Saturday morning something Ian could never have even thought of when Richard and Helen were small, they may not be major life issues but they make a big difference.  Ian’s knees continue to improve and he is going really well and enjoying working to his full potential again rather looking for the  next opportunity to sit down because they hurt so much!

The weather as we are all aware has been terribly dry so once again making life challenging for farmers and growers.  the Boys have been lucky and got some decent crops in but still need more to secure the amount of  winter feed we have in stock as prices for anything bought in will be expensive, this will affect us, the consumer in the shops as well. However all these challenges make life more interesting and considering how the weather is affecting poor people in other parts of the world we have nothing to worry about.  (As I write it has started to pour down!)

Come September it will be twenty years since I made the bold decision to go back to college and train in complimentary therapies, unbelievable.  It only seems like five minutes ago and I can still feel the terror of going back into a classroom, studying and taking countless exams over that two year period, (its really raining now yipee!!).  Over the years I have been priviledged to treat some lovely people, I feel very lucky indeed.  Now a little older I just concentrate on doing Reflexology and Footcare Treatments as my hands started to rebel against the Aromatherapy massage sadly.

I thank all those people who have supported me since I began my business and look forward to welcoming old and new clients to Castley Treatments in the future.

Take care

Gillian x