Honestly when I last wrote a blog and said I would write soon I did not mean 8 months later!!!!!!!!!!  That is really quite appalling but last year simply flew and sometimes certain jobs just do not get done.

I write a journal every day, the life and times of the Lishman family and at the end of each year I write a review of the biggest moments of the year of which last year there were quite a lot.  In my last blog I told you about the Robot project here at Castley Farm, well what a summer it was with the Boys busy building the new shed to house the Robots and then the men came to install all the equipment.  I have to say the Robot Warriors as the team became known were excellent and with some very fine weather the job ran very smoothly.  D Day for the first milking was the 17th July and then Kevin, James and Steven from Holding Engineering brought a caravan and moved in for nearly a week whilst the task of training the Castley Ladies to use the Robots began.  At this point Castley Farm catering services was put into action as food and refreshment was delivered up to the Robots on a regular basis to help sustain the troops as 24 hour milking began.  The culmination of all this was a BBQ held to celebrate the official opening of the project.  I was worn out from all the extra cooking and carrying trays loaded up with goodies to and from the buildings, somebodies feet could have done with some tlc!!

6 months later the dear Castley Ladies are loving their new milking system and they please themselves when they are milked and they are very happy indeed, I have to say it is all very impressive.

Later in the summer our Granddaughter Florence celebrated her first birthday and our daughter Helen her 30th.  This involved a joint party here at the farm in one of the barns.  We had hoped to just put out a few tables in the orchard and make it all very casual but the weather became very unsettled and we could not risk it.  It was a lovely afternoon in the end and one of the high lights for our visitors was the opportunity to have a tour of guess what the Robots!!

Richard’s two little boys are a delight and doing well, Jack started school in September.

I mentioned in my last blog Ian’s knees.  Well in November he had two partial knees replaced and is doing really well, we are so lucky to have such a fabulous health service we are so grateful for all the care he has had.

Well here we are in 2018, can you remeber the Millenium New Years Eve when we all thought the world would end, all the computers in the entire universe would crash and die forever and here we are 18 years later, yes time really does fly.

I am entering my 20th year as a complimentary therapist and cannot believe it and I am so grateful to all my clients who have supported me and continue to do so.

We are very much looking forward to a less hectic year this year, but pigs might fly as they say, Robert and Helen are expecting their second child in April so there you have it ‘ a hectic year!’

I wish you all a healthy and peaceful 2018

Take care


Gillian x