What a wonderful time of year it is, especially this year as the weather has been so kind.  We have been blessed  with plenty of dry sunny days and the colours on the trees as the leaves turn are quite beautiful.  Yesterday morning before I started work I decided to take Pippy the farm Jack Russell for a walk as I was seriously in need of exercise.  It  was quite challenging to say the least.  We set off quite happily up the road but on route we encountered Jack, my Grandson with his Mummy and Nellie the Labrador having a run  round in the field, which was lovely  and a nice surprise for me but  which rather irritated Pippy so I let her off the lead. This was the end of our civilised walk as she did not want to go back on the lead and ran back home.  I too also gave up on my walk because I had office work to do and actually was feeling slightly under the weather having had cold recently and been left with sinus issues. I have to say I am rather cross because my immune system is usually rather robust but there are some rather horrid colds and bugs around at the moment and one found its way to my door, urrgh!!  Been an aromatherapist I decided to tackle this head on with some of my wonderful oil several times and already once this morning I have done steam inhalations which seems to have helped.  A large bowl, half full of just off the boil water and a few drops of essential oil.   I used Eucalyptus and Black Pepper and then place your head over the bowl and  a towel over your head .Gosh talk about blowing your head off, perhaps that extra drop of oil was just a little too much, however, I do feel clearer!!

It is the time of year when Castley Farm looks towards winter.  Messrs Lishman have brought the Castley ladies inside now , nobodies happy at the moment because the milk production has fallen due to the diminishing quality of the grass, hence the need to bring them in onto winter rations, plus the fodder made during the spring and summer is not great quality due to  poor conditions it was made in apparently, I can’t remember (terrible farmers wife). So there is quite a lot of jiggling to do to get a good balance diet for the dear ladies this winter, honestly perhaps it would be easier just to go to Waitrose!!  Apparently most dairy farmers are having a problem so it is nothing  Ian and Richard have done wrong who are very good dairy farmers. (creep, creep!)

Are you all starting to think about Christmas? I bought enough currants at Pateley show to make I believe four 12 inch cakes, why I do not know, I have made two , with two to go.  I will make them because I don’t use currants for anything else.   I could make mincemeat but I have plenty left from last year having made the same mistake then with the currants last year,.  I think next year at Pateley show I will avoid the dried fruit stall altogether!!

Talking of Christmas clients are already buying vouchers for their loved ones for treatments to keep them hale and hearty in the New Year.  What a good idea, I might drop a suble hint to my loved one!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  My family are coming along for a tree planting day on Sunday.  When My Son married Sophie we decided to plant a tree on the farm to mark the occasion so from then on we do for marriages and births.  On Sunday we are planting a tree for Charlie, Richard and Sophie’s little boy, for Florence, Helen and Robert’s little Girl and one for my Dad who Died in January.  So about twenty for lunch and lots of digging, but I think that is a job for the boys.

Take care

Gillian xx