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Foot Health Pedicure

Treatment for foot care including nails, corns, callus (hard skin) etc. The treatment consists of a foot spa, nail trimming, reduction of thickened nails and filing, callus removal, corn removal and foot massage. A foot health pedicure treatment is a way of looking after the health and comfort of your feet.

Firstly, feet are soaked in a foot sap to freshen the feet prior to treatment and also soften any callus. The nails are trimmed, cleaned and filed, and any thickened nails are burred down at this stage. Corns and Callus (hard skin) are removed and the areas treated and smoothed over. The feet are then massaged with a rich moisturising cream.

The treatment is conducted in a professional setting with full sterilisation facilities. Treatment time is approximately 1 hour depending on the work to be done.

Treatment cost:

Foot Health Pedicure (1 hour) £33


Reiki is an ancient healing art which channels the universal life energy through the hands of a practitioner to the body of the receiver.

The work “reiki” is the Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”. The life energy flows through the hands of the reiki channel in a powerful and concentrated form, bringing the body and mind into an even balance and works on all levels. The physical, spiritual, emotional and soul levels encourages self healing, strengthens the body and soul, opens blockages, balances, harmonises and flows in unlimited quantity.

Treatment Cost

Consultation and first treatment: £36

Follow up treatments: £33

A 20 minute reiki session can be added to any other treatments to enhance their effects at a cost of £12


Reflexology is a science that relates to the principal that there are reflexes in the feet that correspond to every organ and system of the body and by working on the feet with special massage/pressure techniques and stimulating the 7000 nerve endings in them you can promote health and well being by putting the body back into a state of homeostasis (a state of balance)

Reflexologists cannot diagnose conditions and do not promise cures, but through the wonderful properties of reflexology, it can help all sorts of illnesses and conditions; some of which include stress related conditions, tension, fatigue, digestive disorders e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, bronchitis, headaches, migraines, sciatica, hormonal imbalances e.g. menopausal problems, PMT, infertility etc. hay fever, oedema (swelling of legs and ankles) cystitis, depression, eczema, arthritis, lumbago to name a few. Reflexology is a very safe, natural treatment, working with the body’s own healing resolve.

When starting with reflexology, it is recommended that a course of four/six weekly treatments is taken as the body takes time to cleanse and balance itself out before natural healing can commence. A full consultation will be carried out prior to treatment.

Treatment cost: 

Consolation and first treatment: £38

Follow up treatments: £33


A full consultation is taken prior to treatments

Gift Vouchers are available for treatments

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